move beyond
spinal fusion.

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  • Restore Natural Balance
  • Maintain Range of Motion
  • Preserve Adjacent Spinal Levels
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why fuse when you can replace?

Introducing MOTUS

The first total joint replacement for the low back.


Latin (mo-tus) noun

  1. A movement, motion
  2. An advance, progress
  3. Etymology: Perfect passive participle of moveō (“I move”)

Replaces the function of the disc and facet joints.

Allows direct decompression to address leg and back pain.

Powerful surgical technique corrects sagittal balance.

A breakthrough
20 years in the making.

Patient Stories
  • Hear from patients who chose MOTUS over spinal fusion.

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Note: This is not a complete list of patient experiences. Lumbar total joint replacement is not suitable for all patients, and there are risks associated with the procedure. Patient experiences may differ from the samples provided. The testimonials quoted were obtained from multiple OUS pilot clinical studies performed to date.

Joint replacement is standard of care across orthopedics.
Lumbar joint replacement will transform spine.
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Follow our progress as we obtain FDA commercial approval for our lumbar total joint replacement technology in the US.